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"De lana" is the result of a mother-daughter association which has been involved in a slow fashion approach. Macarena and her daughter Camille had the desire to bring together the hand-made expertise along with noble materials to create timeless pieces.

At de Lana, we don't like waste, that's why we only work with made-to-order.
It means that it takes around 4 weeks to receive your order.
We know you are used to much less, but we swear it's worth it ! 
Your piece will be created for you and only for you. 


  1.  Select a model.

  2. Pick the color.  Depending on the model you have different color propositions. 

  3. If you want to change something :
    add - take out -  make it longer - shorter, send us a message ! 
    Discover our size chart here


  4.  Step 4 is for us !  
    We will knit your special piece in-house with a lot of care and passion to make sure it's perfect before we ship it to you ! 

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