"De lana" is the result of a mother-daughter association which has been involved in a slow fashion approach. Macarena and her daughter Camille had the desire to bring together the hand-made expertise along with noble materials to create timeless pieces.


At de Lana, we don't like waste, that's why we only work with made-to-order.
It means that it takes around 4 weeks to receive your order.
We know you are used to much less, but we swear it's worth it ! 
Your piece will be created for you and for you only.


  1.  Select a model.

  2. Pick the color.  Depending on the model you have different color propositions. 
    You can have a better look to the colors on our color card section.


  3. If you want to change something :
    add - take out -  make it longer - shorter,  select 'Custom' in the size section.
    We will contact you by email to ask you about your measures.
    Discover our size chart here


  4.  Step 4 is for us !  
    We will knit your special piece with a lot of care and passion to make sure it's perfect before we ship it to you ! 

IMG_7100 3.HEIC



We operate in a very short production chain which allows us to control all the aspects, from start to finish. Our wools are all imported from European spinning mills and the production is done in our workshop. It is located just outside of Brussels, Belgium's capital, where Macarena knits every day. The creation and fabrication of one sweater can require up to fifteen hours of work.