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At de Lana, there is no size chart because the size chart is you!

Our goal is for you to wear a piece that reflects and enhances your unique personality.

You are unique and so must be your wardrobe.

With us, you can adapt any model to your desires and the colors that suit you best. 

Find here the measurements that are useful for us to make your custom sweater : 

Capture d’écran 2021-03-17 à 13.46.06.


If you feel that you are outside the measurements of the prototype and our model, here is what we need from you : 

  1. Measure from the bottom of your neck to where you want your sweater to arrive.

  2. Measure from your shoulder to where you want your sweater to end up on your arm. 

  3. Measure between your shoulders

If you have trouble measuring yourself, place a sweater that you like and measure it flat. 

Once your order is placed with the 'custom' selection, we will email you asking you your measures. 

No additional costs will be incurred.


Please feel free to come to us with any question you have through the media you prefer ! 


Made for you & for you only.

Macarena & Camille 

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