"De lana" is the result of a mother-daughter association which has been involved in a slow fashion approach. Macarena and her daughter Camille had the desire to bring together the hand-made expertise along with noble materials to create timeless pieces on-demand. Every piece is customizable for you and produce only for you ! So no stock, no overproduction.  Unique pieces just like you !



Macarena Toro, Chilean by origin, grew up in her native country where she studied fashion design in the capital, Santiago of Chile. Passionate since a young age, she made her first knitwear by the time she was only 10. After graduating, she left Chile for Europe where she decided to specialize in lingerie. For more than 20 years, she has been designing diverse collections for the retail sector.  Macarena is a multidisciplinary and self-taught artist, she draws, paints and sews. In 2006, she rediscovered the joys of knitting by cleaning up an old manual knitting machine. Encouraged by her children, she began, in 2017, to market custom-made knitted sweaters made out of natural materials through word of mouth. 



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Her daughter Camille, has always been highly interested in the study of human behaviours and the constant evolution of contemporary society. She first obtained a bachelor degree in sociology and anthropology in Brussels, Belgium.  She then left for Paris to do a Master’s Degree in Luxury Brand Management and push her interest further to focus on purchasing behaviours in the fashion industry. In addition to her studies, she has consistently cultivated a particular interest for art and fashion. After an experience in the Marketing team at L'Oréal, and with one of Belgium’s leading independent advertising agencies where she managed the section dedicated to fashion, she has now decided to follow her instinct and embark into the world of entrepreneurship. After witnessing the continued success of her mother’s handmade collections, Camille is convinced that fashion can be thought differently. 


Camille and Macarena are determined to combine their skills to propose timeless pieces made out of natural and distinguished threads. Macarena's grandfather was a sheep farmer and wool producer in southern Chile in the 1950s. His business had gone bankrupt because of the arrival of synthetic materials on the market. So it is no coincidence that his granddaughter and great-granddaughter set out with the will to abolish these materials. 

 "de Lana" aspires to forge a link between you and items that have a soul, a story. Which one will be yours ?





We operate in a very short production chain which allows us to control all the aspects, from start to finish. Our wools are all imported from European spinning mills and the production is done in our workshop. It is located just outside of Brussels, Belgium's capital, where Macarena knits every day. The creation and fabrication of one sweater can require up to fifteen hours of work.



We opted for high quality wools which come from European spinning mill. This mill also produces for "Haute couture" houses. The threads are dyed in Europe and therefore subject to European regulations regarding the use of tints and how they are disposed into the environment.


We attach great importance to the production of our clothes with a low energy cost. Our work is carried out manually and is essentially done on requests, to limit stocks and respect our zero-waste approach. Each piece is the combination of the strength of our arms and the gentle touch of our hands. There is no seasonality at 'de Lana', we try to design timeless pieces you can't get enough of. We also create unique custom models made-to-measure.