Timeless knitwear
rooted in softness. 

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"De lana" is the result of a mother-daughter association which has been involved in a slow fashion approach. Not only do they solely work with the finest materials, their whole approach is stooled on care. 

Unlike everyone else, the mother Macarena doesn’t watch trashy reality shows but browses Youtube tutorials on knitting techniques. She is an artist, designer and artisan driven by an urge to embody the many ideas spinning around in her head. She loves to blend her affection for textures, shapes and colors as well as for technical challenges in designs breathing creativity. 

Camille, her daughter decided that Macarena's know-how and beautiful creations needed to be shared. They officially launched 'de Lana' in 2020 rushed by the desire to bring together the hand-made expertise along with noble materials to create timeless pieces. For obvious and sustainable reasons every piece is produced mostly on-demand in their atelier in Brussels with 100% Natural threads from high quality European spinning mills.

They happily welcome their customers in their intimate atelier in Brussels to learn their knitwear needs. As body parts are measured, textures stroked and colors chosen, time and time again an uncommonly close relationship emerges. Like a barstool or psychiatrist's couch, de Lana's atelier prompts people to pour out their hearts. 




We opted for high quality wools which come from European spinning mill. This mill also produces for "Haute couture" houses. The threads are dyed in Europe and therefore subject to European regulations regarding the use of tints and how they are disposed into the environment.


We operate in a very short production chain which allows us to control all the aspects, from start to finish. Our wools are all imported from European spinning mills and the production is done in our workshop. It is located just outside of Brussels, Belgium's capital, where Macarena knits every day. The creation and fabrication of one sweater can require up to fifteen hours of work.



We attach great importance to the production of our clothes with a low energy cost. Our work is carried out manually and is essentially done on requests, to limit stocks and respect our zero-waste approach. Each piece is the combination of the strength of our arms and the gentle touch of our hands. There is no seasonality at 'de Lana', we try to design timeless pieces you can't get enough of. We also create unique custom models made-to-measure.